Quotations by Karl Marx

About Jews, Blacks, Women, abolition of nation and borders, abolition of family, looting...

Followed by quotations from Adolf Hitler

explaining that he was a socialist, enemy of capitalism and individualism, someone willing to bring social justice

No resemblance at all between Hitler and Marx  (**sarcasm).

And quotations from Lenin

talking about mass murdering, promising merciless retaliations and the abolishment of freedom 

Such a tolerant person he was. He looks so peaceful in his sarcophagus. Sleeping like a baby (***yes, more sarcasm).

Quotations from communist Leaders of Yugoslavia

When liberators killed 1% of the population and before that left the trail of destruction and blood

Brilliant plans that worked like charm!

Other Communist Topics

About genocide in Cambodia, about kids who were snitching their own family, about Stalin's lies...